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About order
Goods-of-china.com / 2010-10-22

1. Do you have any minimum order?
MOQ is one piece.


2. How can I view my orders placed before?
You can do the following steps:
A, Login in.
B, Click the order history which is on the left navigation bar.
C, Click the order number to view the order you placed before.


3. How can I change my order?
If you have already submitted the order, just
contact us to change it. Our customer service will do it for you.


4. If I have submitted my orders, can I still add items to it? How can I change my payment method?
Contact our customer service to add for you or change payment method. Or, you can place a new order and then combine it with your previous order.



5. Can I confirm stock status with you before payment?
Yes, you can contact us before payment; we’ll check and inform you which items are out of stock. But as you know, our stock status is changing every hour, so we can’t promise that the items will be still in stock when we prepare your order.



6. What will happen if there are out-of-stock items in my order after payment?

Since receiving your payment, we’ll start to prepare goods. Usually we take 2-3 days to finish the preparing and then send them out. If all your items are in stock, we'll send it in 24 hours after receiving your payment. But if the items you want to buy are out of stock provisionally or stop production, we’ll inform you of that condition by Email.


7. Can I make a sample/trail order?
Of course you can. Just place trail order online and then make payment.


8. What should I do when fail to place order?
A. Use other browsers. There’re many browsers you can use, such as IE, Firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Opera, etc.
B. If it still doesn’t work, you can copy the goods list including item number, size and color; send us by email together with your username on our site, and also your full shipping address. We’ll place the order for you and then let you know.


9. Why my cart is empty when I open it again next day?
Because our system stores the cart in the cache of the browser, so once the cache has been cleared, the cart will be empty. If you can’t finish order in one time, just add it to favorites and add them to cart when you can finish order.




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