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Even though iphone4 has been appeared for half a year and enthusiasm has begun to decline, the sale of white iphone4 is still concerned by so many female apple fans. But unluckily, the sale of white iphone4 is pulling off again and again by its questionable white spraying process and leakage of flash.

Meanwhile, one kind of high imitation phone named i86 produced by Sophone Company takes over high proportions of the market before real apple white iphone4. With exquisite work and relatively high quality among other high imitation mobile phones, i86 bring us a true experience of white iphone4. But the price of it is only $206.71 at

The sale of i86 also meets female fans’ demand before they receive their booked white iphone4.

Today, I will firstly ext it for you before sale.

Outline and accessories
On the appearance, i86 is placed in a white and simple package just like what real iphone4 did. The accessories are also complete. The accessories include white i86, headset, data line, charging plug and replaceable battery from left to right.

Outside appearance and side view
i86 remains the simple and fashion design of real iphone4. The case consists of three main parts: two plates of case and stainless steel broadside. But the back case is plastic, not like real one’s glass case.

Luckily, i86 remains two volume control keys in the left side.

The standard design is all contained in i86, it include front camera, out sound hole and home key in the front part.

At the top, our familiar 3.5mm headset jack, power button and micro phone for noise cancellation.

At the button, the speaker, microphone, data line interface, no one less.

The size of i86 is 1:1 with real iphone4, but lighter than it because of the usage of different materials. But to be honest, the strength of the plastic is enough for common use and it’s lighter to take.

Multi-touch screen
The 1600k colors 3.5Inch TFT screen reflects a good image, even though it cannot be compared with the real iphone4’s screen. but common use is enough, even not suitable for professional persons.

The function of slide unlock is really sensitive as real iphone4. Image zoom can be easily complete by slide of your two fingers.

i86 has front and rear camera, photos took by this inbuilt 5.0 mega pixel camera can satisfy most people’s demand.

Furthermore, i86 includes almost all the apps in real iphone4 as well as other oriental favorable applications. It supports FM radio, voice recording, E-book, java, stocks, QQ and so on. And you can add more new apps by yourself.

i86 also support GPRS/WAP/CMNET and WIFI/Wireless LAN/WLAN. You can connect to the internet almost everywhere using your phone’s network or WAP connection.

In addition, i86 choose replaceable battery which solve the battery problem in real iphone4. That’s the promotion of duration for i86.

Then I will mention the most important thing about i86. The system of it is not smart; of course, it means the system of i86 absolutely can’t compare with android, sabian and ios system. So some kinds of functions are limited. for example, Audio formats only support MP3 and MIDI, Video Formats only support MP4 and 3GP. But we may prepare to accept the fact that it’s not the real iphone4. Customers should be cautious.

In conclusion, the most attractive parts of this kind of i86 are its outstanding appearance, nice screen and the battery promotion, especially, its low price. The overall feeling is up the superior standard of high imitation. But at the same time, you should bear its disadvantage.

Choose it or not? It all depends on you. May be you can see more details first. Please click
Iphone 4 I86

What’s new iPad 2 has that iPad doesn’t

When Apple’s original iPad was released around this time last year, the device not only created the biggest buzz in the tech world. It also defined a new category of gadget. But as enthusiastic as reviewers and early adopters of the device were, consistent criticisms surfaced as well.

The iPad’s lack of USB or Ethernet ports and glossy screen were consistently cited as shortcomings, for example.

Now, though, Apple is upping the ante again with the unveiling of iPad 2, due out in the US on March 11 and in other countries over the weeks that follow. Will the latest iPad solve the problems of the original or get you to want to hand over your hard-earned cash for one? Read on…

Apple has made the iPad 2  faster, thinner, lighter, more powerful, and more versatile than the original iPad. And it has done so while keeping the starting price — at about $499 for a base model — the same as the previous generation iPad.

Notable features are a dual-core processor at the heart of the device, which Apple claims is twice as fast as the previous iPad, more powerful graphics designed to do justice to fast-moving games, battery life that’s better than the original iPad by about an hour, and, perhaps most interesting, two integrated cameras — one on the front and one on the back.

The two cameras are there so that you can use the device for different purposes. The camera that faces you as you look into the iPad 2, for example, can be used to capture your image for the purposes of video chats or Skype video sessions. The other camera can be used as a more traditional movie or still camera. Point your iPad at something you want to film, and let it roll.

Apple has also taken note of the most useful accessory that owners of the previous generation procured for their device — a cover for the screen — and included one with the unit. Its not just any cover, however. It can be folded in upon itself several times and turned into a stand that makes the device easy to view while sitting on a desk or your lap.

The  iPad2 also sports upgraded WiFi compatible, with the 802.11n standard, for much faster surfing and downloads when connecting to an 802.11n hotspot. 3G connectivity is also standard, for use with mobile carrier networks that support it.

Finally, the device’s interface boasts features that iPhone 4 users enjoy, including an ‘accelerometer’ that allows you to rotate the device to landscape mode and have whatever you’re watching adjust itself automatically, as well as ‘multi-touch’ technology, which enables you to move and manipulate objects on the screen with your fingers in a very intuitive manner.

Apple is potentially developing a smaller  iPhone that would be cheaper and better able to fend off inexpensive Android phones, Bloomberg reports.

The news comes after previous rumors that a smaller iPhone was in the works — akin to how the iPod Mini followed the original iPod. One person who saw a prototype of the smaller device said that it was about a third smaller than the current iPhone, and it also lacked a home button.

Apple is apparently aiming to sell the smaller iPhone for $200 without the need for a two-year contract. That would be a significant change from the iPhone 4, which retails between $200 and $300, but requires a two-year commitment. By being without a contract, users would be able to easily move between multiple cellular carriers, something that would also appeal to international users.

Apple was bound to offer a lower-cost iPhone eventually, especially now that cheaper Android phones like LG’s Optimus One series have proven to be successful. A lower cost option will also make the iPhone more appealing in international markets.

If Apple actually moves forward with the plan, it will certainly have to make it clear to consumers why they would want to pay the same $200 for a lesser iPhone that they would for the newest model. Such a low cost also leaves the door open to some carriers offering the smaller iPhone on contract for free.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is also working on a dual-mode iPhone that would be able to work across GSM and CDMA cellular standards — the technologies used by AT&T and Verizon, respectively. That doesn’t come as a huge surprise, as we reported recently that the Verizon iPhone runs a wireless chipset that could potentially run on AT&T’s network — a clear sign that Apple is aiming to support both standards in the iPhone 5.

Apple is also developing a technology called universal SIM that would allow consumers to switch between multiple GSM networks without the need to switch out traditional SIM cards. Such an innovation would make it easier for users to jump between networks, and if paired with an inexpensive iPhone without a contract, it could lead to newfound freedom for cellular users.

Iphone Fans’Gospel—iphone5 is coming

Do you want to know iphone 5 latest function and appearance design? Do you want to know the difference between iphone5 and iphone4? Let tell you!

According to information, Apple will be launched in mid June 2011 iphone 5 mobile phone, compared with the iphone 4, iPhone 5 will support 4G data networks, faster network access, smooth video conversation even more clear. iPhone 5 In addition to upgrading and improving the functions of the iphone 4 the biggest bright spot is the application of biometric technology and RFID applications. Implanted RFID chip, so that you can use the iphone, instead of car keys, bank payment cards and tickets for the show and so on.

Extremely likely to realize new function prediction

1. Compatible with 4G network

2. iOS 5

3. Longer battery life

Every time Apple introduces new iPhone, battery life is longer, so we expect the fifth-generation iPhone will not be inferior in this respect. Apple said the iPhone 4 of talk time than the iPhone 3GS than 40%, we expect the fifth generation iPhone relatively iPhone 4 could have made such strides

4.3D graphics capabilities to improve

Which iPhone regardless of the specific use of the graphics chip, iPhone 5 will only be used on more powerful graphics card.

5. Processor 1.5 GHz A4

6. Better camera

iPhone 4 in the camera’s progress is evident (500 million pixels, LED flash), Sony fifth-generation iPhone is being developed for the better performance of the 800 million pixel camera.

7.    Support Flash

8.    4G network video chat

9.    Improved main interface

At present, we still expect a higher degree of customization the main interface, but it seems iOS4 not improved. Apple recently applied for a patent, and operate the main interface. The main contents of the patent is not easy to solve by the fingers to the place (for example, when the right hand holding Iphone screen icon in the upper right corner will be the most difficult to reach.)

10.  Improved voice control

We expect the iPhone iOS4 will remain the voice control function, but this function is still to stay in the dial-up connection, so they still have a lot of space for improvement. If you can write with voice mail or text message, it is certainly cool.

11.  More storage space

only the 16GB and 32GB iPhone 4 version, which makes many people feel disappointed, they all want to have a 64GB version. This desire might be realized this year.

12.  HD Output

13.  Biometric security technology

This feature is not necessary to improve, but if you can just slide your finger to unlock the phone without having to re-enter the password trouble, then this is definitely a good idea. (Note: According to rumors, Apple has to function with such technology-related patent applications)
Let’s hope iphone5 will bring enjoyment to our life and make the communication better.

iPhone 5, all man are excepting you grand launch

The time from the launch iPhone 4 less than 8 months, there has been news that Apple will launch iPhone 5 in June this year. Follow me. will bring you unexpected surprise.

According to our understanding, iPhone 5 will support 4G data networks, faster network access, smooth video conversation even more clear. In addition to upgrading and improving the functions of iPhone 4, the biggest highlights of iPhone 5 are the application of biometric technology and the application of RFID.

From June 29, 2007, Apple company started iPhone, the feature that your fingers on the screen slide to unlock has been popularing in customers, and lead a new era of the smart phone traditional keypad to unlock. In the new century that information and technology change in instant millions, iPhone 5 will use biometric technology, and once again lead the new era of smart phones biotechnology. Furthermore, RFID chips will be implanted in iPhone 5, so that you can use the iPhone 5 to instead of car keys, bank payment cards and tickets for the show and so on. will provide iPhone 5 new function prediction, let you learn more information by the fastest time walking in front of the information age. Our website will be updated from time to time, if you are a loyal fan to iPhone 5, so stay tuned to our website,

1, compatible with 4G network

2, iOS 5

3, alleviate network congestion

4, increasing operators

5, longer battery life

6, improve 3D graphics capabilities

7, 1.5 GHz A4 CPU

8, better camera 8mpx

9, better support for cloud computing

10, support Flash

11, 4G network video chat—face time

12, improved main interface

13, improved voice control

14, scalable storage

15, more storage space—64GB

16, removable battery

17, Radio Frequency Identification

18, HD Output

19, Biometric Security Technology

20, built-in infrared

Iphone 5, designed for Iphone fiends?

It is well known that Iphone 5 is on the way to us. As it can be seen from the data at present, the appearance of Iphone 5 is very similar to Iphone4. So what is the different between Iphone4 and Iphone 5 in the hell? Here are some tips about features of Iphone 5.

1        The wireless communication chipset.  As we heard, Qualcomm will make the chipset instead of Infineon. Although it is not announced officially, but the acquisition agreement between Infineon and Internet must be one of the most significant reasons.

2       Application processor. Apple will take charge of this part by itself. May be it will be the best news for Iphone fans cause they will get an “real” apple flavor phone.

3       4G Network. One of the most important differences between Iphone4 and Iphone 5. You will get a more comfortable and fluent experience of video talk with Iphone 5. And, what’s more excited, the net flow will be reduced to a very low level so that we can spend much less fees and enjoy much better service.

4       BIT. The use of Biometric Identification Technology can make Iphone 5 your exclusive device. The safety property of Iphone 5 will be enhanced much better than Iphone4.

5       RFID. Another exciting function of Iphone 5 is RFID. With the help of RFID, you will no longer need car key, exhibition tickets, or debit cards! All you need is only an Iphone 5.

6       A Phone or a Remote controller?  It is an interesting function although Iphone4 can do the same things with an IR Dongle. A infrared set will be built in Iphone 5. I hope that our kids will not fight for it when they are watching TV. After all, it is much expensive than a remote controller.

7       HDMI. Better than none.

8       Removable battery. So I may lost my battery if I drop my phone.

9       More storage capacity. No one will deny it!

10    Smarter voice control. You can speak out what you want to write to your friends? Forget it. I write something to my friends because I don’t want to speak then out.

11    A 1.5GHz CPU. The higher the batter.

12    More powerful display card. Because the display card is made by Imagination. Type: PowerVR. Chipset: graphics coprocessor chip.

13    Android VS iphone. Absolutely, iOS5!

14    A larger display. 3.7inch.

Toshiba Satellite series to know that as the main cost-effective products, and also attaches great importance to the performance of the audio and video entertainment, and also in the body design of the interface more perfect, and like Toshiba’s energy-saving ECO mode, USB interface, sleep, recharge, and sleep state Under the full-featured MP3 player and some human design is greatly enhance the practicality of the whole machine. First, the left side of the fuselage in the Toshiba M600 (from left to right) we can see safety lock, 2 × USB2.0 Interface, RJ45 Ethernet port and DVD burner, some models also used a slot-drive design .

The fuselage on the right side of the interface is relatively more complicated, while the layout is relatively compact. From left to right with Express Card card expansion slot, a set of audio input and output interfaces, HDMI high-definition video output interfaces, e-SATA connector (compatible with USB), VGA video output port, air vents and power interface. The compact layout allows us to use multiple interfaces simultaneously, in the space will inevitably be some conflict, but most of my friends think the cooling holes in the fuselage on the right design can affect the operation of their feelings.

But the Express Card card expansion slot, audio input and output interfaces and multi-card reader slot design closer to the operator, so as to give us a lot of convenience, especially for those digital products more friends. Toshiba M600 relative to the fuselage cover the bottom of the material becomes more solid, while the bottom of the regional differentiation of particularly detailed in the core area of the baffle on the hardware standards of the icons are easy DIY upgrade us to the other, in the block Board also designed a number of sophisticated thermal barriers.

Finally, the weight of the Toshiba M600 and measurement point of view, with the whole weight of the battery 2.265Kg, travel portable (machine + battery + power adapter), the weight of 2.740Kg. With a discrete graphics can be seen in the mainstream of the 14-inch, the Toshiba M600 will be fairly law-abiding, weight control, weight machine with the battery out of office at least we will not be a burden.

Toshiba M600 New Design Introduction

From the launch of “laptop” concept and release the first product it has been 25 years old, while Toshiba laptop which is also this year celebrates its 25th anniversary moment. Commemorate the moment associated with this course, Toshiba is still ongoing efforts to develop further progress, not only to commemorate the release of two models, while in other product lines also introduced a new product, which occurred in the appearance and design of the product to be the biggest change number – Toshiba Satellite M600.

Toshiba Satellite M600 laptop with a new matte texture and elegant design of metal illuminated. Metal edging highlights the nobility, and a laptop also added the slightest sense of fashion technology. In addition, the notebook cover and palm rests have a delicate pattern design in Milan, which not only improved the texture of skin contact with us comfort, but also makes the total body surface farewell fingerprint residue.

Toshiba Satellite M600 notebook with a decent quality 14-inch HD Li Rui-hyun color screen, and supports the best of 1366 × 768 resolution. Toshiba Satellite M600 also can bring us a new look for high-definition visual experience, but also with the glossy screen design. And this design can compensate to some extent on the laptop screen in the lack of brightness, and white areas make it look brighter. In addition, the top of the screen is also built-in microphone and a network of high-definition camera, to help us anytime, anywhere remote business meetings, or video chat with friends and family, we usually can record the highlights of life.

Toshiba Satellite M600 with a sunken shaft design, which allows Toshiba’s M600 is only the maximum open angle of 130 degrees. But not only has a metal shaft on both sides of the texture, but also has a moderate damping force, as we reach for a slight swing open the laptop and the screen surface appeared only slightly shaking, and did not immediately close. Shaft through the top twice, we can see with the Dolby surround sound and professional audio Harman Kardon words.

Magnolia fine texture on the top cover not only reflected in the operating area is also used in this decoration, the whole gives us a sense of the high quality of what they seem. In the middle of the operation area at the top also designed a row of shortcut keys, when we use, these buttons can send incandescent light color, potentially adding to the whole number of scientific and technological sense. In addition, the Toshiba M600 design of the keyboard have changed, Teli “independence” and split the line width of the keyboard have changed down the keyboard touch Korea, which have split the keyboard-style buttons Special widen, not only increased the area of each key can be touched, but also to bring his hands typing experience more comfortable feeling.

In addition to changes in the design of the keyboard, the Toshiba M600 touch pad is also designed to be very ingenious. After fine grinding process only after the touch pad has a sensitive and precise control, but also increase our operating feel. The Toshiba M600 is also added to the periphery of the touchpad can be sent around the edges of incandescent light color, not only to touch pad is even more delicate, but also coincided with the operation area at the top of the light echoes, incandescent light color also whole lot of technology to give added fashion sense. In addition, the Toshiba M600 at the top of the touchpad is also designed touchpad lock and unlock the keys, so that we can avoid the phenomenon of misuse when typing.

Digital Cameras Introduction – Card Camera

Card Camera has no clear concept in the industry, refers only to those digital cameras with small form factors, relatively light bodies and ultra slim designs.Sony T series, Olympus AZ1and Casio Z series should be classified in this area.


Card cameras can be convenient to carry; and can put them in a suit pocket in formal occasions,ladies no longer difficult to find space to carry them with a small hand bag, in other occasions, the camera can also stuffed into jeans pockets or simply hang around the neck. card camera

Although they are not strong in function , the basic exposure compensation function is standard in ultra-thin digital cameras, and with area or spot metering mode, sometimes these small things can still do some photography. At least you can have a basic exposure control  of the picture, coupled with the color, clarity, contrast and other options, a lot of beautiful pictures can be from with the  little things that “masters” who despise them.

Differences between card cameras and other cameras:

Advantages: stylish, large-screen LCD screen, compact slim body, easy operation.

Cons: manual function is relatively weak, large power consumption of a larger LCD screen, the lens performance is poor.

Single-lens Reflex Digital Camera

SLR digital camera refers to the single-lens reflex digital camera, that is abbreviation of digital, single, lens and reflex-DSLR. The common brands in current digital SLR camera market has Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Fuji and so on.

How it works:

In the work systems of the SLR digital camera , when light arrives the mirror through the lens, it refraction to the focusing screen above and form to images, then through the eyepiece and pentaprism, we can see the scene outside in the viewfinder . In contrast, generally digital cameras can only through the LCD screen or electronic viewfinder (EVF) to see the captured image. Clearly it’s more conducive to shooting the image directly than by the image that has been single lens reflex

When shooting with DSLR, you press the shutter button, the mirror will pop up, photo sensor (CCD or CMOS) in front of the shutter curtain will open at the same time, light through the lens will be projected on the original light-sensitive photoreceptor, and then the after mirror will restitution immediately, the viewfinder image can be seen again. The structure of single-lens reflex camera determine that it is shot entirely through the lens,the viewfinder image are always the same to the film , it’s actual shooting range is  basically the same to the shooting range, that means it’s very beneficial to visually framing.

Main features:

A great feature of SLR digital cameras is a large lens of different specifications can be exchanged, it is natural advantages of SLR cameras that an ordinary digital camera can not compare.

In addition, digital SLR cameras are now located in the high-end products of digital cameras, so in the area of digital camera photography sensor (CCD or CMOS) that related to the quality of digital camera photos,SLR is much larger than an ordinary digital camera, which makes the SLR digital camera sensitive area of each pixel is far greater than the average digital camera, so each pixel will also be able to show more detailed brightness and color range, that makes the photographic quality of DSLR is significantly higher than normal digital cameras.